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Wabash Center Blog: Stories from the Front (of the Classroom)

Posts from 2014 to 2016

This blog series features timely posts from invited authors through the course of a semester or academic year.

In the meantime, you can engage dozens of posts from the following authors

  • Nancy Lynne Westfield (Drew Theological School)
  • Claudio Carvalhaes (McCormick Theological Seminary)
  • Tat-Siong Benny Liew (College of the Holy Cross)
  • Molly Bassett (Georgia State University)
  • Derek Nelson (Wabash College)
  • Kate Blanchard (Alma College )
  • Eric D. Barreto (Princeton Seminary)
  • Roger S. Nam (Portland Seminary, George Fox University)

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As we go back to the classroom (and shake off the dust of summer), we all have mixed feelings and expectations. While some of us will just go back to the normal, others will be anxious and perhaps fearful about a new semester. The beginning of a semester can carry ...

Those of us who spend our leisure time watching the Tennis Channel are guaranteed to have seen numerous episodes of the marketing promotion called, “Bag Check,” where the top players reveal, one item at a time, what they carry in their huge “clearly labeled” tennis bags. Even though we realize ...

The up-tick of media covered violence in the USA, as well as the reports of violence from around the world, causes me to pause. While I believe that experiencing the pain, suffering, and uncertainty of the world is calling us to become a nation of compassion, forgiveness, respect and equity, ...

We who believe in freedom cannot rest We who believe in freedom cannot rest until it comes. (1) We have had a month of intense events in the US. The killings of Black precious people, this time, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, came to the news again, as if these killings ...

At the Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature last year, the Student Advisory Board organized an interesting session titled, “What I’m Telling My Students.” I find this a wonderful question for every faculty to consider. I would tell my students to write more because writing clarifies one’...

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