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Dialogue on Teaching, hosted by Nancy Lynne Westfield, Ph.D., is the monthly podcast of The Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion. Amplifying the Wabash Center’s mission, the podcast focuses upon issues of teaching and learning in theology and religion within colleges, universities and seminaries. The podcast series will feature dialogues with faculty teaching in a wide range of institutional contexts. The conversation will illumine the teaching life.

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Teaching On The Pulse Blog Series

This monthly blog provides updates on the Wabash Center’s doings and happenings. As well, it is a space where Lynne shares her insights, commentary, and opinion on issues of teaching, learning, and justice in theology and religion.  This blog is meant to be evocative, even provocative. You are welcome to use her blog entries to spark dialogue in your classrooms, among your faculty and with your administrators.   CLICK TO CONTINUE »

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