Wabash Center’s Podcast Series: Dialogue On Teaching

Hosted by Wabash Center Director, Nancy Lynne Westfield, Ph.D.
Webinar Producer: Rachel Mills
Sound Engineer: Dr. Paul O. Myhre

Original Podcast music by Dr. Paul O. Myhre

Dialogues with faculty teaching religion and theology in a wide range of institutional contexts.

Illuminating the teaching life and amplifying the Wabash Center’s mission.

I’m Just Saying…Audio Blog by Nancy Lynne Westfield, Ph.D.

Each episode is a reading by Nancy Lynne Westfield of an original blog post. All the readings explore the complexity of the teaching life through imaginative storytelling, at times – bold commentary, and always encouragement for the art of teaching to be liberative and joyful.
Producer: Rachel Mills
Sound Engineer: Paul O. Myhre
Original Music: Paul O. Myhre

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