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Embodied Teaching

What is embodied teaching? This question has been an integral part of Wabash Center conversations since the late 1990s. Early career teaching and learning workshop participants in Wabash Center workshops have discussed the notion of embodied pedagogy in a range of ways. Over 25 religion and theology faculty will contribute to this blog series. Each writer will explore some of the contours and issues of embodied pedagogy and will reflect on how contemporary multimodal communication influences student learning and takes seriously the whole self as loci for learning and knowing.  

Instructions for blog writers and vlog makers: 

https://www.wabashcenter.wabash.edu/resources/blog/instructions-for-blog-writers/. The instructions are focused on written blogs, yet the same principles apply to vlog creation as well.

Honorarium: Writers will be provided with a $100 honorarium for each blog or vlog post that is published on the Wabash Center website.

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Being Silly

Blog Series: Embodied Teaching
May 08, 2023
Tags: embodied teaching   |   humor   |   Silliness   |   Fun   |   Laugh   |   Jokes

Due to a snow delay, my seven-year-old daughter came with me to class the other day. I teach an honors’ version of our intro Religions of the World course in the morning. She sat at a desk in the back corner of the room, working on a story about, I ...

Part Two: Ritual Extends the Depth of Our Imagination. Ritual takes the familiar and enlivens it with our imagination.  Consider it this way, you have a favorite dance or song or prayer. The reason we can dance it, sing it, pray it, again and again is that each time our ...

Before March 2020, the seminary where I teach didn’t do much in the way of remote learning. Like many educators, my colleagues and I found ourselves rushing to take our teaching online at the same time that many of our students were taking courses remotely for the first time. My ...

            …and they had the best class ever. I was honestly surprised I made it a whole month into the semester before getting sick, what with a preschooler at home. Much of the time, despite everything we should have learned from COVID, I strap on a mask and go teach anyway – ...

There is a setting on Zoom which allows participants to blur their background. The individual is fully aware of the personal home, office, car, or other location. However, viewers on the Zoom line, if you will, have to guess or surmise the place behind the face. I know where I ...

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