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Embodied Teaching

What is embodied teaching? This question has been an integral part of Wabash Center conversations since the late 1990s. Early career teaching and learning workshop participants in Wabash Center workshops have discussed the notion of embodied pedagogy in a range of ways. Over 25 religion and theology faculty will contribute to this blog series. Each writer will explore some of the contours and issues of embodied pedagogy and will reflect on how contemporary multimodal communication influences student learning and takes seriously the whole self as loci for learning and knowing.  

Instructions for blog writers and vlog makers: 

https://www.wabashcenter.wabash.edu/resources/blog/instructions-for-blog-writers/. The instructions are focused on written blogs, yet the same principles apply to vlog creation as well.

Honorarium: Writers will be provided with a $100 honorarium for each blog or vlog post that is published on the Wabash Center website.

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To My Beloveds, What they don’t tell you about being neither-this-nor-that is that it’s problematic. You are always living in the in-betweenness of things. That means you’re suspect, you’re shifty, you can’t be trusted. People want you to pick one thing, to be one thing, ...

My first year at Fuller Theological Seminary, teaching Introduction to Black Theology, I failed myself and my students. I opened the class with a twenty-one minute clip of the most brutal scene  from the television mini-series Roots, which aired in January of 1977. The clip showed Kunta Kinte, brutally beaten with ...

One recent Saturday afternoon, I visit the Hindu Temple of Atlanta in Riverdale, Georgia, for a conversation with one of the priests about my current research. I spend time walking through both the Vishnu and the Shiva temples, appreciating the various deities and trying to embody a respectful posture as ...

Human Pedagogy

Blog Series: Embodied Teaching
October 30, 2023
Tags: teaching   |   embodied teaching   |   Kids   |   Children   |   Fatherhood   |   Parenthood   |   Wife   |   Human Pedagogy

        They tell you that it gets easier.         They are damned liars.         Every single one of them. Each consecutive day is harder than the one before it, and it doesn’t start rosy. They arrive early. They don’t tell you that, either. Thirty-seven to thirty-eight weeks at the latest. Or ...

Abstract: This is the second part of a collection of poems showcasing the personal exploration of a teaching identity grounded in grief experiences, one of the aspects of identity educators carry into the classroom. The use of poetry permits an open theological exploration in which the author examines aspects of ...

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