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Hello! As Director of the Wabash Center, I celebrate the opportunity to express myself through writing. I am a scholar who wants my work on pedagogy to be accessible to a wide gamut of readers and colleagues.  My blog column for the Wabash Center, entitled “Teaching on the Pulse,” is meant to engage colleagues in the craft of teaching and to assist during the challenging seasons of the teaching life. The stories I tell, the politics I engage, the poetic prose I offer, is meant to inspire, provide humor, and insight.  I hope you find, in my writing, a little bit of encouragement. I believe that, with intent and hard work, teaching can be improved. I hope my blog conversation assists you with improving your understanding and practice of teaching.



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We are in the midst of unprecedented social upheaval. Many colleagues are being asked to migrate their teaching formats to online learning and curtail their interactions with learners to the digital spaces. Even so, I believe our roles as teachers can assist our students as we move through this crisis, ...

The Liberty Bell. The Franklin Institute. The Betsy Ross House. The Philadelphia Zoo and Botanical Gardens. The Art Museum (infamous for the Rocky run up the stairs). Boat House Row. The Library.  My brother and I attended public schools in Philadelphia, and these were some of the places we visited ...

One of my favorite reality TV shows is Project Runway. It is a contest of fashion designers who compete by designing new garments each week. Each episode the designers receive a new design challenge. The episode ends with renowned fashion designers judging the garments made by the contestants, then eliminating ...

With the possible exception of Drew University Theological School where I was on faculty for twenty years, the Wabash Center has been the most influential institution to my vocational formation.  I participated in my first Wabash workshop in 2000 and received my first grant in 2001.  Since then, I have worked as ...

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