Deepak Sarma

Deepak Sarma, Professor of South Asian religions and philosophy at Case Western Reserve University. Deepak Sarma is the author of Classical Indian Philosophy: A Reader (2011), Hinduism: A Reader(2008), Epistemologies and the Limitations of Philosophical Inquiry: Doctrine in Madhva Vedanta(2005) and An Introduction to Madhva Vedanta (2003). He was a guest curator of Indian Kalighat Paintings, an exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art. After earning a BA in religion from Reed College, Sarma attended the University of Chicago Divinity School, where he received a PhD in the philosophy of religions. His current reflections concern cultural theory, racism, and post-colonialism. You can find him regularly on Huffington Post

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My unpleasant memories of middle school English classes are made much worse when I recall how some teachers taught poetry and prose by picking “important” passages and pontificating about them. Learning to “read” poetry was essentially learning to listen to a lifeless lecture.  When I first began teaching I too ...

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