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Wabash Center’s New Podcast: Dialogue On Teaching

Hosted by Wabash Center Director, Nancy Lynne Westfield, Ph.D.

Dialogues with faculty teaching religion and theology in a wide range of institutional contexts.
Illuminating the teaching life and amplifying the Wabash Center’s mission.

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Exclusive Video Series

The “I” That Teaches

A new video project that invites senior scholars to talk about their teaching lives. These scholar-teachers candidly discuss how religious, educational, and family backgrounds inform their vocational commitments.  Each video is a candid portrayal of their teaching persona. From the vantage point of a practiced teaching philosophy we get an intimate account of the value and art of teaching well. 

“I teach with all that I am,” pronounces Prof. Mitzi Smith. A native of Columbus, Ohio she began her teaching career at Ashland Theological Seminary in Detroit, Michigan. However, Dr. Smith has recently accepted an appointment as the J. Davison Philips Professor of New Testament at Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia.

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