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Scholarship for Teaching

Annotated links to books, articles, and websites about course design, student learning, vocation, assessment, etc.

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Syllabus Collection

Over 1800 syllabi in religious and theological studies, collected in collaboration with the AAR.

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Religion on the Web

Annotated links to web-based resources about religion, including websites, e-texts e-journals, bibliographies, liturgies, etc.

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Workshop Leaders Recommend

Some of our best workshop leaders recommend some books articles and websites on teaching.

What's New in Resources?

Check out what's new in the collection. Books and articles or websites we've just discovered.

What's New in TTR?

Citations and links to full articles recently published in "Teaching Theology and Religion."

TTR Teaching Tactics

400 word description of classroom teaching strategy, published in "Teaching Theology and Religion."

The Dean's Bookshelf

A short list of recommended reading for theological school deans.

Other Journals and Centers

Links to other sources of information, articles, and workshops on teaching in Higher Education.

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